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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Tenerife Island Council to Provide 65,000 Poinsettia Plants to Town Halls

Varigated 'municipal' poinsettias in La Laguna

Tenerife Island Council is this year supplying 65,000 Flor de Pascua, or poinsettia, plants to various town halls across the island in order to dress up parks and squares for the Christmas festivities. The plants have been specially cultivated in island nurseries and are distributed each year for the seasonal decorations.

Where can you see them displayed? Well, the plants are shared out according to the number of inhabitants in each district, so Santa Cruz get the largest number with 6,000 plants, with La Laguna (5,000) and Arona (4,000) second and third.

Locally, Icod de los Viños will be getting 2,000 poinsettia plants to adorn the town, while Buenavista del Norte, Los Silos and Garachico will recieve 1,000 each.

Hundreds more are given to various associations and centers providing social services, so the plants are bound to brighten someone's season.

El Cabildo de Tenerife reparte 65.000 flores de Pascua en ayuntamientos