Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sculpture in Honour of Las Libreas

The town hall of Buenavista del Norte is to erect a statue in honour of the dance of Las Libreas del Palmar, a dance which has survived thanks to the efforts of the local residents and which is part of the main annual fiesta in the village.

In this manner, the corporation wishes to pay homage to the whole of the valley of El Palmar. The sculpture, the design is still to be determined, will be located in an historical area to provide a permanent symbol of this jewel of island folklore.

The origins of the dance of Las Libreas del Palmar are very confused, but according to oral tradition, symbolize the struggle between good - represented by the dancers - and evil, presented in the form of a figure of the devil. Three pairs of dancers perform the ritual, three of whom dress as women, who with accentuated jumps and gyrations and hands aloft, dance to the son rhythm of the traditional tajaraste drum.

Lucen ya las esculturas homenaje a las Libreas de El Palmar