Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fiestas de San Roque in Garachico, Tenerife

Fiestas de San Roque in Garachico

The organizing committee for the Fiestas in honour of San Roque in Garachico - one of the most important in the town and in the Isla Baja area - publish the program for this years events, which commence on Friday, August 4th.

The fiestas have a special significance this year, being the 400th Anniversary of devotion to the saint in the area, which coincided with an outbreak of plague.

On Friday, the candidates for Romera Mayor (Queen of the Fiestas) will be presented. On Saturday 5th, are the 'Arrastre de Ganado' (Pulling with Livestock); a rural sport activity and the Romería Chica (Romeria or traditional fiesta). On Friday 11th, the Romera Mayor will be chosen at an event attended by the President of the Canary Island Government, Adán Martín Menis. Saturday, August 12th is the date of the Baile de Magos (Dance at which people will attend in traditional costume) and August 16th is the main Romeria.

The figure of San Roque is taken from its chapel (pictured) to the church of Santa Ana in the town center. During the popular festivities, the figure is taken back to its church, accompanied in procession by the municipal band, carts, flocks of goats and other festively bedecked animals, carnival-type dance and music, while the fishermen of Garachico also hold a sea-going procession. As well as the religious and popular events, sports and culture provide an ample program that runs right from August 4th until the 19th.