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Friday, September 01, 2006

Fiestas Colombinas in La Gomera

What more fiestas? Yes, moving swiftly back in time and to another famous visitor to the Canary Islands - one who made the transatlantic trip in the opposite direction - the Island Corporation of La Gomera has announced a "half hundred" (50 or so) events to commemorate Christopher Columbus leaving for America.

The celebrations known both inside and outside the island as the Jornadas Colombinas (Columbus Days), have been celebrated in La Gomera for forty-seven uninterrupted years.

Among the celebrations will be concerts for young people, workshops for children, theatre, painting contests, exhibitions and sports activities throughout the month of September. The stars of the musical program are Spanish pop duo, Andi y Lucas and Tenerife R&B / Reggae / Hip Hop girl duo, K-Narias.

The big day of the Jornadas Colombinas is September 6th, coinciding with the day in which Columbus left La Gomera to begin his voyage to the New World.