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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Fiestas of Los Remedios 2006 in Buenavista

Central BuenavistaNot a week goes by without a fiesta somewhere around here, it seems, and events for Los Remedios 2006, the annual fiestas, probably the last of the "summer" festivals locally, in honour of the town's patron, kicked off last night. The main events are coming up on the 24th, the eve of the fiesta on the 25th.

Next Saturday, October 21st, is the night of the Gala Election of the Queen of the Fiestas. During this gala, dance troupe, D’Anitra, will perform, there'll be humor from clave de ja and performances by singers, Nauzet and Mayelin.

(There's some quite well known names there, if you are familiar with local TV, which is an impressive lineup for a pueblo of this size and, leads me to believe that most of these events will probably be televised on one or other of the local channels.)

On the 24th, Las Libreas, the unique dance from the El Palmar valley takes place at 7 p.m. At 8 p.m. is the eve mass, followed by the procession of the sacred image of the Virgen de los Remedios through the customary streets of the town, at the end of which will be a grand exhibition of fireworks. This will lead on to the cavalcade of floats decorated by the residents of the town and the whole night will be topped off with a verbena - best translated as an all night street party with dancing.

On the 25th, the day of the patron, the town hall will receive the Queen of the Fiestas and her court at 11 a.m. After the reception, they will make a floral offering in the church of Los Remedios and attend mass for the patron of Buenavista. After, yes, another mass at 7 p.m., there follows a concert in Plaza de Los Remedios, by the municipal band. (They are very good actually.) At 9 p.m. the central scenery will be taken over by a Festival of Art, with a concert from The Original Big Band.

The seventh edition of the Buenavista Song Contest will also take place, where, they say, "music fans will interpret well known themes live." During this week and a bit of fiestas, there are other concerts, painting exhibitions, sports competitions, cinema, parades of costumes, festivals of folklore and of classical music and a day dedicated to kids and old folk - to round it all off with something for everyone.