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Monday, October 30, 2006

Eqyptian Artist to Design Carnaval Posters

ABC report that Egyptian artist, Karim Rashid (website), is to design the posters for Tenerife capital's Santa Cruz Carnaval 2007. Fiesta organizers announced that they have entrusted the work to the international industrial designer.

Rashid, who lives in New York, was born in Cairo in 1960 and educated in England, Canada and Italy. He's known for a style described as "sensual minimalism" (he also designs a line of upmarket "erotic appliances") and has worked with Giorgio Armani, Tommy Hilfinger, Prada, Lacoste and Yahoo.

Some of his most representative works are the decorations at the Marimoto Restaurant in Philadelphia, the Hotel Semiramis in Athens and the Hotel Nooh in New York. His recently published book entitled "Design Your Self", explains how to improve all areas of life. (Now, even how to party!)