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Monday, November 20, 2006

Canary Islands Prepare for Royal Visit

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Last year on November 22nd, King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia of Spain choose to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the popular monarch's accession to the throne with a visit to Tenerife. This year, on that same important date, the King and Queen will be back in Tenerife to mark the 100th Anniversary of the very first visit of a Spanish monarch to the islands, that of King Alfonso XIII, in 1906. Although the program, facilitated by the Canary Islands Government, could change for "possible complications of security", says the report, the King and Queen will arrive in Tenerife on the morning of Wednesday, November 22nd, for a five-day visit to all seven of the Canary Islands and will have "lots of contact with the street", i.e. public.


In Tenerife, the King and Queen are set to visit the Canary Islands Parliament and then to inaugurate an exhibition of images at the headquarters of the CajaCanarias bank in Santa Cruz, entitled, "Imágenes Reales" (Royal Images), organized to celebrate the centenary of Alfonso XIII's visit. They will then visit the El Polvorín center in the district of Taco, before going on to La Laguna - by tram - to visit the Royal Sanctuary of the Cristo de La Laguna (Figure of Christ). In the evening, they will meet with representatives of various institutions and organizations related to immigration, before dining with the President of the Canary Islands, Adán Martín.

Los Reyes tendrán la oportunidad de estar con toda la sociedad canaria