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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas Concerts in Tenerife

Christmas Concert
Originally uploaded by *Harmony*.
The concert pictured was held in the church square in the resort of Los Gigantes in Tenerife, but you will find free concerts in many places on the island on the days leading up to Christmas and even on Chiristmas Day itself. Even if the music is not to your usual taste, the standard of playing is usually very high and the combination of it being live and the atmosphere of the event - especially given the holiday - make these concerts a really enjoyable night out.

The most famous is the annual free, open-air Concierto de Navidad (Christmas Concert) given by the Tenerife Symphony Orchestra, on the evening on Christmas Day itself, in Santa Cruz. (+/- 9 p.m.) This is usually located in the Plaza de España, but since that area has been undergoing a complete reformation this year, it may be elsewhere nearby this year. It is a tradition that draws a crowd of thousands, is also normally televised and, is followed by a grand fireworks display.

In smaller towns, such as in Buenavista del Norte, the municipal band also puts on a free concert in the evening of Christmas Day, every year. This one is indoors in the cinema in the main street and, afterwards, just about everyone gathers in the square to chat, have coffee - still warm enough outside - and generally mingle.