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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas decorations Tenerife style

Ribeteo en Azul
Originally uploaded by SergioTf.
Putting up Christmas decorations in Tenerife is almost a case of "guilding the lily": the island hardly needs them, when you consider the possibility of a snow capped mountain, whole forests of "Christmas" pine trees and a plethora of poinsettias growing wild on the island. But still, palm trees with Christmas lights wound around their trunks do also make fantastic, novel additions to the natural decorations.

Whist decorations are yet to go up in some smaller towns and those in homes are not traditionally put up until December 8th, the Immaculate Conception, local press report that the street lights are up in the capital, Santa Cruz. If you are just visiting, you will probably find it much more pleasant and convenient to go there by bus, as will become apparent.

This year Buenavista del Norte will be holding it's first Concurso de Escaparates (Christmas Window Dressing Contest) among the shops in the town. One of the changes in recent years here is that there are now enough, lively enough shops to hold such an event. When I first came over to this side of the island, Buenavista had merely a handful of dusty old establishments, generally devoid of customers.