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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Meeting of Saints in Tenerife

Ermita de San Roque

Garachico's celebration this year of the 400th Anniversary of devotion to the saint, San Roque, protector against plagues, has served as an excuse to bring together an exhibition of protecting and healing saints that are venerated in the Canary Islands.

The exhibition, which is open until Sunday, contains 56 pieces of iconography.

San Roque (Saint Roch), San Sebastián (Saint Sebastian) and San Lázaro (Saint Lazarus) are the three healing saints (Holy Helpers) most venerated in the Canary Islands and images of the three are found all over the archipelago. However, there is a prevalence above all others for San Roque in Garachico, which arrived in the municipality after an epidemic of plague between 1600 and 1606.

The figure of the saint that has been venerated in Garachico for four centuries provides the focal point of the exhibition, Roque de Montpellier, along with iconography of the various "saints of the plague", figures of San Roque from all around the islands and of other, associated, guardians of health.

The exhibition has received 7,000 visitors since it opened on October 20th, which is a record number, given that it is outside the usual cultural circuit. It remains open until Sunday, at Garachico's Convento de San Francisco (Former Franciscan Convent).

Reunión de santos en Tenerife

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