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Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Shopping in Tenerife

Originally uploaded by Sly-Dog.
La Laguna is the "traditional" place to do Christmas shopping on the island of Tenerife and, as well as the perfect atmosphere provided by the town's beautiful architecture, more pedestrianization seems to be strengthening La Laguna's position.

The forecast in La Laguna is good and, already many small shops have items reserved for Los Reyes (The Three Kings - who traditionally bring the gifts on January 6th), with the hope that sales will be higher than in 2005.

In Santa Cruz, meanwhile, stores are having to make do with volume only equal to last year's Christmas season and, shopkeepers are worried that sales will be low, with some claiming that the city is in a situation of crisis. Lack of parking or other modes of transport - a tourist shopping bus has been suggested - are among reasons why Christmas shoppers find Santa Cruz less convenient.