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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bichon Tenerife

Originally uploaded by emilystrange74.
Small, white, wooly dogs - that may, or may not, owe some of their ancestry to the Bichon Frise - are still very common in Tenerife, but what I had not known is that, until 1933, the breed was known as the Bichon Teneriffe or Bichon Tenerife.

Wikipedia tells us that, "Because of their merry disposition, they traveled much and were often used as items of barter by sailors as they moved from continent to continent. The dogs found early success in Spain and it is generally felt that Spanish seamen introduced the breed to the Canary Island of Teneriffe. In the 1300s Italian sailors rediscovered the little dogs on their voyages and are credited with returning them to the Continent, where they became great favorites of Italian nobility."