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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Fiestas de Mayo 2007 Puerto de la Cruz

Fiestas de la Cruz in Puerto de la Cruz

The Fiestas de Mayo, especially Día de la Cruz (The Day of the Cross) are celebrated in Santa Cruz - obviously, as Santa Cruz means "Holy Cross" and in Los Realejos (with their famous, annual firework battle), as well as in various other locations. These fiestas are also celebrated in Puerto de la Cruz as the Fiestas in honour of the foundation of the town (3rd May) and the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, where they are especially pretty as residents decorate the fixed crosses in the streets with enormous flower and fruit decorations.

For both residents and visitors to be able to enjoy this custom, this year, Puerto de la Cruz town hall has arranged guided tours of the crosses. Whilst the guided tours will explain various historical information of interest, with the aid of a street map of Puerto de la Cruz and a modicum of initiative, it ought to be possible to get round and see some of these works of art independently. The route starts from the Plaza Enrique Talg (at the end of Calle Iriarte, next to Hotel Bambi) and passes by the house of artisan, Don Felipe Barreto, the chapel of Las Lonjas, the Cruz de la Carola, the chapel of Cruz Verde, Calle Mequinez, Calle del Lomo and Cruz del Peñón. (Calle = Street. Cruz = Cross.)

What is unique to Puerto de la Cruz is that the floral decorations are added to existing crosses of historical importance, whilst in other towns on the islands, such as Los Realejos and Güímar, the custom is to make crosses out of flowers.