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Monday, April 27, 2009

Tenerife Rally Surprise

Every year in Tenerife, the rally would take me somewhat by surprise, generally as I would wake up to find our main (only) road closed with no prior warning whatsoever. This year, had I still been living in the same place, I'd have been ready for it ... and, it would have surprised me once again, this time by not happening! :)

It's always at around this time of year that I look out for details of the the first of the rallies on the Tenerife calendar. Last year, that was the 24th Palma Canaria Norte Rally, held in mid-May and, previous years saw the 23rd and 22nd.

Logic would, or it would if we weren't talking about Tenerife, therefore, dictate that this year would be the 25th Anniversary version. And it is, sort of.

A visit to the website of the Federación Interinsular de Automovilismo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Island Automobile Federation of Tenerife) reveals that the XXV RALLYE ORVECAME is listed, to be held on May 8th and 9th. Obviously re-named this year, to something shorter, but totally unmemorable, it is, nevertheless, still billed as the 25th Anniversary event. The route, however, is completely different to previous years, this time it's on mountain roads above La Guancha - San Jose and Realejos - Orotava.