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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Lottery Winners in Tenerife

Most years there is much lamentation that the Spanish Christmas Lottery (El Gordo) “forgets” the Canary Islands, however, 2010 has proved to be an exception.

Part of the first prize, which has gone to tickets with the number 79250, some €3 million, has been won in the northern Tenerife town of Garachico.

The No 1 Lottery Administration (at Calle Esteban de Ponte 22) says the prize has been well-distributed amongst locals from Garachico and the surrounding area, as well as tourists, meaning that different people bought individual “decimos” – 1/10th parts of a sheet of tickets – and have each won €300,000.

One of the winners, María del Cristo (36), from La Caleta in Los Silos, says that the €300,000 will help to pay off business debts and buy one or two indulgences.

It is only the third time ever in the Christmas Lottery’s history, since 1812, that tickets allotted to Tenerife have come up with a first prize. The second time was in 2007, although that time, the number had not been sold and had been returned.

Apparently, “A medium in Alcorcón correctly predicted the winning number.”

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