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Tenerife News & Events (weekly)

  • "Any excuse for a party, I’m sure each year they slip in a few new saints days in the Tenerife calendar to keep us on our toes but there are always some old reliables that fire up the party spirit and this week the weather was at it’s scorching best. "

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  • Some yummy images of typical, local fayre.

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  • "After the almond blossom the next sign of spring is the wild lavender. I remember seeing it for the first time in profusion a few years back. There was a stretch of what can only be called desert, alongside the beach of Achile, where I used to walk Trixy most mornings. After choosing alternative routes for a couple of days we returned to Achile to find it covered in the delicate, pale purple flowers, and ever since I’ve thought of its arrival as the beginning of springtime."

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  • "The start of the second half of the Spanish Second Division season. It can only get better for CD Tenerife and home form has to be strong. 30th January."

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  • "A rare evening game after the original match was postponed due to an air traffic control strike. Will struggling Tenerife be able to shine under the floodlights? 26th January."

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  • "Rockets tore through the sky, church bells peeled and pigeons erupted from their baskets. It was a wake up call for horses, sheep, goats and foals not to mention the thousands of locals and tourists that had converged on La Caleta in Costa Adeje to honour San Sebastian."

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  • "Sometimes perceptions about the local cuisine in foreign climes can involve visions of odd looking critters that still have their eyeballs attached and whose tentacles sprawl across the plate unappealingly. Okay, maybe it’s not quite that extreme when the destination is somewhere like Tenerife, but a little wariness about the local food is not unknown."

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  • "This is Tenerife as seen by Vistaire Canarias and their aerial photo system and that’s just a hint of the new horizons opened up by this eye in the sky."

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  • "... on a small island, where you have spent 20-odd years of your life, you can still find pleasant surprises. "

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  • "Every morning I recite at least 5 stupidly optimistic sayings like Worse Things Happen At Sea and It’s Allways Darkest Before The Dawn but even that doesn’t dispel my sense of impending doom over CD Tenerife. A 1-1 away draw at Ponferradina was better than a defeat but at 7 points adrift from safety it didn’t feel like enough, especially after going 1-0 up."

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  • "The Met Office is saying it’s like a tongue of dust licking the Canaries from Africa, which is horrible imagery, but it makes the point. T"

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  • "Places are limited, so those who are interested will need to register. Simply call the Ayuntamiento’s Culture Department on 922 863 127 ext 234, or fax 922 863 212, or email The walk costs €4, and it is perhaps to limit numbers and ensure payment that no starting time has been announced in advance. "

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  • "All over Tenerife similar scenes were being played out with horses, goats, pigs and even ferrets taking centre stage to celebrate the Egyptian born saint known as the protector of animals. Rose growers twitched with anticipation at the thought of all that free manure and dancing shoes were well and truly polished. I was pleasantly surprised and quite proud to see such a scrum of Brits waiting at the Los Cristianos bus stop, keen to taste some Canarian flavours. It momentarily turned to panic as the crowd swelled to bus bursting size but the Titsa bus company came to the rescue when an additional bus joined the groaning scheduled one."

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