Monday, January 03, 2011

Three Kings Parades in Tenerife

Whatever age you are, between 0 and 110, if you can, you really shouldn’t miss one of the Three Kings Parades on the night of January 5th. These guys bring the presents in Spain, not the red-suited bloke on Dec 24. Their wonderful parades are held in almost all towns on the island (by magic, obviously), but some of the bigger ones are as follows:

1. Santa Cruz: The Three Kings arrive in a helicopter to the CD Tenerife football ground (for that you need tickets and they sell out well in advance), but the parade around the capital’s streets from 7 pm onwards is free to all.

2. La Laguna: The Three Kings arrive via Tenerife North Airport and seem to bypass luggage restrictions as they have plenty of sweets and gifts to distribute around the streets of the former capital later.

3. Puerto de la Cruz: Where their cavalcade leaves from the Castillo de San Felipe at around 7 pm and proceeds along the Calle San Felipe, via the Plaza del Charco to conclude in the Plaza de Europa.

4. Garachico: My favourite and the oldest Three Kings celebration on the island and highly recommended since you get real camels – generally up close and personal - and a whole evening’s magnificent and fun entertainment among the beautiful 16th to 18th Century buildings that the town mostly comprises.

5. Los Christianos: The best choice if you’re on the south of the island. The Three Wise Men begin their traditional route from the wharf of Los Cristianos, along Avenida de Suecia to end up at Los Cristianos Cultural Center. From around 7 pm.

Video: Cabalgata Reyes Magos Santa Cruz de Tenerife 2010