Sunday, March 06, 2011

Santa Cruz Carnaval After Parties

imageJust in case there isn’t already enough to keep you occupied 24/7 from the regular program of carnaval events in Santa Cruz (and you should check our calendar too, as I added in many more of the events from the official calendar yesterday and just reading them exhausted me), there’s still more!

The wonderfully named blog, Dónde Coño Vamos Hoy (which is more or less, “Where the f*ck are we going to go tonight?”, although coño actually translates to a word of four letters, equally beginning with a C that we’d rather not utter in English – in Spanish it’s less rude than blast or damn), inform us that the Moon Club in the Parque Maritimo in Santa Cruz (close to the recently re-named Auditorio Adán Martín) are holding After de Carnavales (After Parties), tonight, March 6th and on Carnaval Tuesday, March 8th and on March 13th.

Afters de Carnavales 2011 @ Discoteca Moon Club | Donde Coño Vamos Hoy

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