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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pozo de la Aguada

The Pozo de la Aguada (Aguada Well) in the Casa de la Aguada (house of the same name) in San Sebastian de La Gomera, it is said, is where Christopher Columbus drew water for the voyage in 1492 and, with which Columbus is reputed to have *baptised* America, according to folklore, say Lonely Planet and the sign beside the well.

It’s a lovely romantic tale, but like so many others, of course, is doubtful since Columbus never actually set foot on mainland, north American soil. It would be doubtful he would have drawn water himself either – he was probably far too busy with infamous medieval nymphomaniac, Beatriz de Bobadilla.

The public can visit the house and see the well, whatever it’s history.
Says the Lonely Planet review: “Just off Plaza Constitución, which is shaded by enormous Indian laurel trees, is Casa de la Aguada, also referred to as Casa de la Aduana or Casa Condal, since at different times it served as the customs house and the count's residence. The tourist office fills one side of this traditional Canary home, but the back of it is dedicated to the exhibit 'La Gomera & the Discovery of America', an interesting account (though all in Spanish) of Columbus' trip and Gomeran culture in those times.”

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