Friday, January 09, 2015

Something for the weekend: Continuing Christmas Season


You will notice that Christmas decorations don't come down on Twelth Night in Tenerife - this image was taken in mid-January some years ago - and that makes perfect sense when you realise that the Eve of Epiphany (that is Twelth Night, in case you weren't aware) is when the biggest celebrations of the Christmas period take place - the Three Kings Parades - and Epiphany itself (January 6th) is a Public holiday, so you wouldn't want the decorations already gone.

It is the custom in many places in the Catholic world to keep the Nativity and some of the garlands up in churches and homes until February 2, the Solemnity of the Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple - otherwise known as Candlemas. Candlemas is the last festival in the Christian year that is dated by reference to Christmas; subsequent holidays are calculated with reference to Easter, so Candlemas marks the end of the Christmas and Epiphany season.

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