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Thursday, July 02, 2015

The infamous Gag Law

Spain's repressive Gag Law finally came into effect this week. Proving that the government has a sense of humour, it's really called The Citizen Safety Law.

The press has lists of what you can only do now at risk of a humongous police fine and here's a selection of these:-
  • Taking photos of the police.
  • Referring to a demonstration on Twitter or any other social network.
  • Consuming drugs in the street, including a reefer.
  • Taking part in a botellón, or a booze-up, in the street.
  • Abandoning furniture in the street, even next to the rubbish containers.
  • Losing your ID thrice in a year. Or if you can't produce it when asked and you haven't reported theft/loss.
  • Using laser pointers.
  • Demonstrating at the entrance to Congress or the Senate, even if no one's in there.
  • Impeding an eviction.
  • Occupying empty houses.
  • Showing "lack of respect" to those in uniform or failing to assist security forces in the prevention of public disturbances.
I'm sure I share Colin Davis' sentiments (if those include disbelief) regarding the chances of even this curbing the botellón phenomenon, but in general though, it makes me shudder to see the reintroduction of repressions that I thought had been seen for the very last time after the end of the Franco era.

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