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Friday, August 21, 2015

Why You Shouldn't Put Your Bag on the Ground in Spain

“Don’t leave your bag on the ground,” the waitress lifted Andy’s handbag and placed it on an empty chair.

“Ah, in case someone might steal it?”

“No,” the waitress looked shocked at the suggestion. “It’s bad luck. If you put your bag on the ground, all the money will run away.”

Why You Shouldn't Put Your Bag on the Ground in Spain

Unlike so many journalists writing about the resorts, Pamela has not only actually been to Tenerife, she lived on the island for 16 years, for the majority of that time in a rural valley immersed in the local culture in a way that few outsiders have been privileged to do and gaining a wealth of knowledge about the island, its people, their customs, fiestas and celebrations that she is now able to share via this site. Fluent in Spanish, she also translated and reported for the various English-language newspapers.

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