Wednesday, September 02, 2015

A Tour of Tenerife’s White Elephants

Often when I read about a Tenerife alcalde (mayor) announcing some grand plan, I wince. After reading about the re-branding of El Médano and Los Abrigos as Costa Magallanes, I sighed when the mayor of Granadillo de Abona declared that what the coast needed to complete it as a tourist magnet were two luxury hotels. The laid back surf scene in El Médano just doesn’t seem suited to luxury hotels. But, thanks to the success of Costa Adeje, nearly every mayor seems to want a luxury hotel or two in their municipality.

Grand plans going wrong are not uncommon on Tenerife. There are quite a few examples of anti-attractions around the island. Some were doomed from the start, others should have been successful.

These are some of the island’s white elephants.

A Tour of Tenerife’s White Elephants

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