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Friday, October 16, 2015

Something for the weekend: Isle of Tenerife Rally

This weekend, on Saturday, 17th October, 2015, the annual Rally Isla Tenerife (Isle of Tenerife Rally) takes place. Starting and finishing in Santa Cruz, you can download maps showing all the phases of the rally here (PDF), should you wish to go along and watch, or want to know where roads will be closed or restricted.


If you're looking for something more traditional to do this weekend, on Sunday, 18th October, 2015, there's the Romería de Adeje, the culmination of the town's annual fiestas with an explosion of color, gastronomy and folklore.

Romería y ofrenda a los patronos del municipio

And Buenavista del Norte is also in the middle of it's main annual fiestas, the Fiestas de Nuestra Señora de Los Remedios en Buenavista, so you're sure to find something.

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