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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Let's Dance and other stories this week in Tenerife

The TF5 poster tribute to David Bowie
There is always a message written 20 metres high on the north TF5 motorway. It’s anonymous, and its intention is to make people think, or to smile, or to dream … to give ideas, always with a positive stroke to make people feel optimistic. Today, how very appropriate, a David Bowie tribute. 

Let the Land Tell You What the Weather is Like on Tenerife
Nature is very good at providing information which is difficult to spin. Green means there’s rain, or water of some sort getting to the land. Brown and a generally lack of plant life means there isn’t. That’s a very simplistic way of putting it, but you get the picture. What helps put the meat on the bones or, in this case, the leaves on the stem is what the greenness consists of.

Bad Lands Are Good Lands At Malpais De Rasca
Coaxing the morning sun to spread down from the mountains I set off from Las Galletas with another neglected walk stretching ahead of me. Malpais (badlands) de Rasca is a hike I have done several times in large groups but not for about five years. The bus into Las Galletas was full of German walkers heading up the east coast of Tenerife but I bailed out on them and got a coffee near the pebble beach before setting off.

Walking the Costa Acentejo Coastal Path
At the Mirador de Las Breñas in El Sauzal there’s a sculpture dedicated to the fishermen who played an heroic part in an incident which took place off the coast below on 16th September 1966. A DC-3 aircraft belonging to Spantax airline left Los Rodeos airport en route to Las Palmas. Over the north coast its left engine failed and the pilot was forced to land in the ocean just above Los Angeles Bay. Local fishermen rescued all but one of the 23 passengers and 4 crew on board. One man, a 62yr old lawyer, refused to leave the aircraft and went down with the plane. The wreckage still lies in 33 meters of water off the coast below.

A Perfect Venue, Review of Terrazas del Sauzal in El Sauzal
It’s one of those places we’ve wanted to try ever since it opened around three years ago but just never seemed to find the opportunity to do so. It seems ridiculous considering how close it is to where we live. But when Jack’s birthday dawned with another endless blue sky and toasty temperatures more befitting of September than the end of December, we set off to explore the Acentejo coastal path and then headed to Terrazas del Sauzal for lunch.

Polar Bears And Building Blocks In Santa Cruz
Let’s get one thing clear, I didn’t lose my beach camara during the festive celebrations, I sort of mislaid it, maybe it fell off the back of my beer scooter. Thankfully the sale season quickly followed so I headed for the Tenerife capital, Santa Cruz, to buy a new box brownie or something similar. Of course there are always other things going on to supplement my visits, this time a couple of exhibitions caught my attention.

Los Organos Walking Route Still Closed
After more than a year it would have been nice to be able to report the walking route in the Orotava Valley which skirts the upper valley above Los Organos was finally open once again, especially as the second Tenerife Walking Festival draws near. However, although there has been an update from La Orotava’s council, the news isn’t looking promising. The route remains closed and the local authorities claim it will need a company who specialises in explosives to blast the landslide of fallen boulders which are causing some of the problem.

San Sebastian blessing of goats, sheep and horses in the sea in La Caleta next week
As every year, the first of Adeje’s two local public holidays gives an opportunity to see some real Canarian tradition in the heart of the tourist area. The fiesta of one of the town’s patrons, San Sebastian, in La Caleta next week involves horsemen riding into the sea, and pastoral farmers dragging their goats and sheep into the water for the animals to be blessed.

10 Scenes of Teide National Park
It’s the undisputed star of the scenic show. Spain’s highest mountain draws modern day pilgrims (aka tourists) to worship on its slopes (i.e. take selfies and post them on facebook). Being surrounded by a manic volcanic landscape only adds to its unique beauty whilst being a slumbering volcano lends it that dangerous yet irresistible bad boy element. But turn the camera away from Mount Teide and there’s a huge volcanic world full of  magic, wonder and rock formations formed when M. Nature was clearly on drugs.

Unlike so many journalists writing about the resorts, Pamela has not only actually been to Tenerife, she lived on the island for 16 years, for the majority of that time in a rural valley immersed in the local culture in a way that few outsiders have been privileged to do and gaining a wealth of knowledge about the island, its people, their customs, fiestas and celebrations that she is now able to share via this site. Fluent in Spanish, she also translated and reported for the various English-language newspapers.

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