Thursday, January 21, 2016

Five Tenerife Coastal Paths to Escape the Crowds and other stories this week in Tenerife

Tenerife coast at Candelaria

Tenerife Has Been Invaded by Cat Tails
The irony is that in Britain rabo de gato is popular as an ornamental plant, which is how it arrived in the Canary Islands. Gardening websites describe it as a ‘tender perennial’. On Tenerife it is anything but tender, here it’s a wild party animal sowing its seeds like there’s no tomorrow.

Five Tenerife Coastal Paths to Escape the Crowds
With the island in the thick of its peak season, resorts and beaches are buzzing with visitors and sometimes, it’s nice to escape the crowds and enjoy some solitude. Blessed with 238km (148 miles) of coastline, Tenerife has a wealth of lovely coastal walks on which to stroll with just a handful of other people and the sound of the ocean for company. Here are five paths to take you off the beaten track, each one of them offering something special.

Families going on holiday to Tenerife aren't to blame for climate change
We all have our part to play, but too often when I hear this debate, what I hear is that the anger about climate change and the destruction of the economy is directed against my constituents who take one family holiday a year to somewhere like Tenerife , when we completely ignore the fact there are businesses who structure their companies and their way of doing things so that their staff are taking two or three short haul flights every single week.

Tenerife Walking Festival 2016
Over the past few years, as activity holidays have grown in popularity with a wider British market, more people have discovered that although Tenerife is considerably more developed for tourism than its neighbour, it also has a vast network of hiking trails covering terrain more varied than any other island, simply by virtue of the presence of Teide National Park. As most of the island’s best walking is located in the north, central and mid zones of the island, a hiking holiday can also keep you far away from the busy tourist developments of the south and south west.

Winter is Coming on Tenerife
Mid 20C in January might not sound like winter, but whatever any guidebook says about the weather varying by only a couple of degrees throughout the year, there is a winter on Tenerife.

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