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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Animal crackers and other stories this week in Tenerife

The old lady and her turkey on a lead, at San Antonio Abad in Los Silos in 2008.

Animal Crackers, Strange Sights on Tenerife
San [Antonio] Abad is when animals are blessed at livestock gatherings across the island. Mostly the furry party goers are made up of oxen, goats and horses. But a medley crew of creatures can turn up at these fiestas. These are ten of the strangest sights we’ve at San Abad seen over the years.

The British Guild of Travel Writers on Tenerife
Last week, 88 members of the BGTW (British Guild of Travel Writers) arrived on Tenerife for their AGM (Annual General Meeting). Travel writers, photographers, editors and broadcasters whose publications cover the gamut from guide books and glossy magazines to national press and the BBC, this was Tenerife’s opportunity to impress.

Do You Need to Hire a Car if Staying in Puerto de la Cruz?
There’s much to keep visitors occupied in the town itself. But the north coast is full of historic towns, eye-popping scenery, dramatic coastlines, fishing villages, atmospheric restaurants and endless walking trails. Some you can walk to, most require some mode of transport.

CRUISE to Tenerife: In the footsteps of crime author Agatha Christie 
A cruise that immerses you in the world of Agatha Christie—the woman who for many is still the undisputed ‘queen of crime’—follows the crime-writer’s visit to Tenerife in the late 1920s. It is one of the themed cruises the travel trade offers, tested by travel writer and Christie fan Allis Moss.

Adeje Rally and Tenerife Motor Week – a March for car lovers in south Tenerife
Adeje Ayuntamiento has announced that Tenerife Motor Week will take place in the Magma centre between 23 and 27 March, dates chosen to follow on from the 26th Adeje Rally being held here on 18, 19 & 20 March, and now part of the Spanish Rally Championships. The organizers thus hope to create a “grand motor week” in south Tenerife, and exhibitors – importers, dealers, second-hand showrooms, leasing companies, car services and finance companies – are already signing up.

A Closer Look at Tigaiga Hotel in Puerto de la Cruz
 If you like small, friendly hotels in tranquil, leafy surroundings away from the bustle of resort centres, then you’ll go a long way to find one nicer than the family run Tigaiga Hotel. With good food, nice rooms, stunning views and superb service, this hotel really is that cliché – a hidden gem.

Pretty Fishing Villages on Tenerife
Some Greek coastal towns date back to the days of Ancient Greece. The best Tenerife can do is the end of the 15th century. Most date from the 20th century and with good reason. Few people lived on the coast, especially on the southern side of the island. It was too dangerous; corsairs and Barbary pirates made regular raids. Subsequently only a few coastal settlements on Tenerife have any sort of historical pedigree and it makes a difference.

Five Things to Instagram on Tenerife
For anyone who isn’t familiar with Instagram, it has become an extremely popular online social networking platform or, as Instagram themselves put it, “…a fun and quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures…” – think facebook made up solely of your own highly stylised, square-shaped smartphone photographs.

Unlike so many journalists writing about the resorts, Pamela has not only actually been to Tenerife, she lived on the island for 16 years, for the majority of that time in a rural valley immersed in the local culture in a way that few outsiders have been privileged to do and gaining a wealth of knowledge about the island, its people, their customs, fiestas and celebrations that she is now able to share via this site. Fluent in Spanish, she also translated and reported for the various English-language newspapers.

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