Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Sounds and Scents of Spring on Tenerife and more stories

In Spanish the name "retama" is in common use for broom bushes in general, includingthe genus Retama.

The Sounds and Scents of Spring on Tenerife
On an island where temperatures stay skin friendly all year round, looking forward to spring might seem a bit strange. But temperatures do dip in winter here and the weather can get lively as the change of season approaches. Even though winter on Tenerife is mild to the point that some places would be glad to have it as a summer, there’s something uplifting about the advent of spring; the rebirth of the land as though the appearance of wild flowers unfurling towards the sun is nature’s way of stretching happily at the dawn of a brand new day.

Ten Tips for Eating in Traditional Restaurants on Tenerife
Certain topics come up on a regular basis that can result in restaurants being given negative reviews which are undeserved for a number of reasons. These reasons are often cultural ones, which is understandable. Visitors who are unfamiliar with the culture can’t be expected to know how things work. But that doesn’t necessarily warrant a restaurant being given a bad review.  Cultural differences might explain why some restaurants get great reviews from locals but not from visitors, and vice versa. With this in mind here are ten tips to eating in traditional restaurants on Tenerife.

Cabalgata Parade Welcomes Cuba To Los Cristianos Carnaval
Feathers, glitter, high heels, face paint, and hours of dedication are the basic recipes for a good carnaval parade but it’s the people who make it come to life. The 2016 theme for Los Cristianos Carnaval was Old Havana so there were plenty of Cuban influences as the opening cabalgata parade assembled outside Veronicas in Playa de Las Americas.

Routes Africa 2016 to be Held in Tenerife
Routes Africa, the only route development forum for the African region, will be hosted by Tenerife Tourism Corporation with the support of the Canary Islands Government this summer (26-28 June 2016).

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