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Thursday, May 05, 2016

Tenerife’s Fiestas de la Cruz and other stories

EU referendum: Foreign Office urges British residents in Spain to register to vote

Fireworks in Los Realejos, The Fiesta of the Crosses and Fuegos de Mayo
To you and me it might be the light show of the year in the Tenerife sky, but the Fuegos de Mayo firework display which lights up the sky above the Orotava Valley on the night of  the 3rd of May is a class war.

Tenerife’s Fiestas de la Cruz – the May fertility rites
The origins of the fiesta are usually related to Christian theology, most notably through the symbolism of the crosses which are decked with flowers. But the real roots are far older, and go back to pre-Christian, pagan, times when Maytime was the season of Spring becoming Summer, of fertility and growth, and when trees were decorated with greenery, flowers and coloured ribbons to represent the blooming of new life wherever one looked.

EU referendum: Foreign Office urges British residents in Spain to register to vote
The Foreign Office says that over a thousand British residents in Spain are registering every day to vote in the EU referendum on 23 June (for some background info see HERE). Anyone who hasn’t yet registered can do so by clicking on www.gov.uk/register-to-vote.

Starmus tributes pile up for Prof Hawkins
THE third Starmus Festival is just around the corner and more details are being released. We already know this year’s event will honour Professor Stephen Hawking, and it has now been revealed that there will be a musical tribute.

A Family Affair, Review of Hotel Tigaiga in Puerto de la Cruz
The Hotel Tigaiga is a very Puerto de la Cruz type of hotel. By that I mean it’s as much part of the town as the harbour and Plaza del Charco. It was built by Enrique Talg in 1959 but the story goes back a bit further than that. It’s a family run affair with ties which stretch back to the halcyon days of tourism when there was still the spirit of adventure about visiting islands off the coast of Africa.

Tenerife Vital – charity health and nutrition day 7 May
Mental Health Charity Fundacion En Pie are holding a “Health & Nutrition Fair” in the Poligono de Guimar, exit 20 TF1 on Saturday 7 May. It starts at 1pm until the following 1am, and will have 28 stands representing health and nutrition including orthopedics, orthodontics, physiotherapy, acupuncture, water therapies, herbalism, organic wines and beers, yoga, and very much more! There will be a simultaneous live music festival with between 14 and 16 groups performing throughout the event.

Adeje unveils life-improving programme for residents, including a stop for the cancer bus to take patients to treatment in the north
Adeje Ayuntamiento says that it will be implementing a series of initiatives it’s been working on for some time that will improve the quality of life of people living in the municipality. They include workshops, therapies and a series of conferences in relation to food, relaxation techniques, and investigation and research into breast cancer and help for sufferers.
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