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Friday, August 26, 2016

Designing Walking Holidays in the Canary Islands and other stories

Hiking in the Teide National Park

Designing Walking Holidays in the Canary Islands
 Usually, it takes an enormous amount of concerted planning, negotiating, effort, trial and error to compile a holiday that feels seamless. And sometimes, the line between a holiday’s success and failure undulates like one of the paths you’re trying so hard to showcase to your audience, like when we undertook to design an itinerant walking holiday on La Palma…

Mind how you stay safe in Spain
The Guardia Civil has issued a guide to keeping ourselves and our belongings safe while travelling in Spain, and the UK Foreign Office has also issued travel advice for visitors with mental health needs. Both deserve to be shared as widely as possible.

Trip to Tenerife the hard way for Isle of Wight charity riders
TWO teachers from the Isle of Wight, who cycled to Tenerife, have raised almost £2,500 in aid of the Earl Mountbatten Hospice. Alex Oliver, 26, of Bettesworth Road, Ryde, who lost his grandmother, Joan Newnham, to cancer last year, decided to repay the charity for the care they showed her by doing the challenge.

Carnaval in Tenerife 2017
The Santa Cruz Carnaval 2017 will take place between 22 February and 5 March. The programme is still to be fleshed out, but the official website is HERE, and there’s a Facebook page HERE. After last year’s theme of The 1980s, 2017’s will be The Caribbean.

XXVI Feria de Artesanía Vilaflor de Chasna 2016
The Vilaflor Crafts Fair takes place this Saturday, 27th August 2016, from 10:00am to 6:00pm in the town's Plaza de San Pedro.

Hotel Sheraton La Caleta Charity Race in aid of UNICEF
The second Charity Race organized by the Hotel Sheraton La Caleta takes place at 10am on October 2, and the hotel says that it’s sure that the second run will be every bit as successful as the first, which raised over €3,000 for The United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund within the annual Road to Awareness campaign. All the funds raised this year – 100% – will again be donated to UNICEF.

Güímar Pyramids museum longlisted for European Museum of the Year 2017
The Güímar Pyramids museum has been nominated for European Museum of the Year 2017. The ethnographic park says that it’s delighted to make the longlist for the award, which is organized by the European Museum Forum under the auspices of the Council of Europe. The Güímar Pyramids is one of 42 nominations of museums in 22 European countries – it is the only one in Spain.

Canarian cheese to feature at World Cheese Awards 2016
The World Cheese Awards 2016 will be held in San Sebastián in the Basque Country, this year’s European City of Culture, between 16 and 18 November. The competition is part of a wider International Cheese Festival which is recognized as the most important in the world for cheese producers. This year, Canarian cheese will be heavily represented, say deputy director of the primary sector Abel Morales, festival director Luisa Villegas, and José Díaz-Flores, director of the Canarian Food and Agricuture Institute.

T3 in Tenerife trained 19 Rio medallists including two British gold winners
It has been established for some time now as a top-rate international sports training centre, and now Tenerife Top Training can literally claim Olympic standard with Rio Games competitors who trained in T3 facilities here in Tenerife bringing back 19 medals – 6 gold, 8 silver and 5 bronze. 

Oktoberfest in Puerto de la Cruz
The Plaza de Europa will be the focus of Puerto de la Cruz’ annual Oktoberfest this Friday and Saturday, 26 and 27 August. The event starts at 7pm on Friday, but will be open from noon on the Saturday. In the square and its surrounding streets there will be stalls of beer and food, accompanied by traditional German music and dance. 

Arona reminds residents that pet registration is compulsory
Arona has reminded residents in the borough that they are required to register their pets in the municipal census. As I say HERE, the registration of pets is legally required, and this is done at local Ayuntamientos, even though some are more conscientious than others. Arona says that it has some 2,400 pets registered in its animal census, and reminds the public that registration is free and straightforward, and apart from being a legal requirement, helps to improve services and focus health alerts.

Our favourite places for a promenade stroll on Tenerife
The places we consider best for a promenade stroll are ones which have a blend of ingredients like having attractive views, somewhere nice to have a drink and also possessing a quality which makes them stand out from other locations.

National show jumping championship in Centro Hípico del Sur, Buzanada
The Centro Hípico del Sur equestrian centre in Buzanada will be home this weekend to a national show jumping championship that will bring international-level riders from all over the country to the Canaries, including the current Spanish “young equestrian” champion. 

New Housing Benefit limits for claimants going abroad
The new rules, which came into force on 28 July, prevent claimants from taking long drawn-out trips outside Great Britain while receiving taxpayer help with their rent, as well as bringing Housing Benefit into line with Jobseeker’s Allowance and other working age benefits, which already have stricter limits.
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