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Friday, August 19, 2016

Where is Playa de las Américas? ... and other pressing questions on Tenerife

Promenade Playa de las Américas

Where is Playa de las Américas?
Some people might raise sceptical eyebrows at this point, especially those who have visited Playa de las Américas many times over the years and know exactly where they’ve been laying out their towels on the sand/sunbed.

Drone captures moment daredevil idiot walks along dangerously high walls of a seaside ruin
The video shows thrill-seeker Ruben Alonso Bizarro walking along the narrow walls of the decrepit building, called La Gordejuela. The drone footage shows the building, covered in graffiti, sitting along the blue seaside edge.

Canarias Surf Film Festival 18-21 August in Hotel Villa Cortés
The Canarias Surf Film Festival starts today in the Hotel Villa Cortés in Playa de las Américas and will feature all sorts of films about surfing, bodyboarding, windsurfing, kitesurfing and skating. The films are made by local, national and international directors, and there will also be photography exhibitions, special guests and music performances. The festival moves around the Canaries, and its temporary home in south Tenerife lasts until 21 August.

10 revealing things to look for in Tenerife travel articles
How can you tell the difference between a travel article/blog by a writer who has visited the places on Tenerife they’ve written about and one by someone who hasn’t? It’s not always easy. The internet means writers have access to all sorts of information about destinations. The best copywriters can write with authority about places they have never visited.

Feria de Artesanía de San Bartolomé en Buenavista del norte 2016
Crafts Fair in the Plaza de los Remedios in Buenavista del Norte on Sunday, 21st August 2016, brings together some seventy artisans. During the day, there will be Canarian folklore performances, and tasting of typical local products; wine, cheese, sweets, liqueurs, jams ...

Tenerife service stations join “gesture to the scenery” campaign
Service stations operated by CEPSA, BP, TGas, Petrolífera Canaria, and Oceano join the campaign, which aims at raising awareness on the importance of maintaining the roads clean as they form part of the Spanish island’s landscape.

Taking a peek at our walking routes in Anaga on Tenerife
Despite its proximity to Tenerife’s two cities, La Laguna and Santa Cruz, Anaga is wildly remote; a rugged, demanding terrain which has deterred all but the few hardy souls who work the land, toiling on narrow scars cut into steep precipices. Nature rules supreme in Anaga. Fail to show due respect and the land will swallow you up.

Barbados Port enters agreement with Tenerife counterpart
THE BARBADOS PORT Inc. (BPI) and the Port of Tenerife, Spain signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to establish a sister port relationship this morning.

Muro in Tenerife, Spain
The mural is a psychedelic representation of the local landscapes and textures that can be found in Tenerife. The sea, the volcanos or the ceramic sculptures are appearing into the faces of the local indigenous which are called “guanches”. They are symbolizing the mysticism of an ancestral culture.

Bus-lane scheme will ease congestion woes
TENERIFE Cabildo has completed the first round of meetings with the Canarian Government’s Ministry of Public Works, and the municipalities of La Laguna, Tacoronte, El Sauzal, La Matanza, La Victoria, La Orotava and Santa Ursula regarding the proposed new bus-lane project.

The great population boom
THE South of Tenerife is booming in more ways than one, because the tourist explosion has led to a population boom! The economic pull of tourism, and everything relying on that, has had a direct impact on population growth in areas close to the tourist resorts. The Canarian Institute of Statistics (Istac) suggests that the population of the South will continue to rise 7.5%, year-on-year, until 2019.
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