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Friday, October 07, 2016

Oktoberfest returns to Costa Adeje and other stories

Oktoberfest returns to the Costa Adeje
Beer will flow and the smells and sounds of traditional German food and music will fill the air next to the sea in the plaza next to CC Salytien in the Costa Adeje between 1 and 11pm next weekend, Friday to Sunday, 7-9 October.

Adeje Fiestas Patronales 2016
Adeje’s Fiestas Patronales in honour of the Virgen de la Encarnación start this Saturday, 1 October, with a whole range of events being held until 16 October. These patronal fiestas culminate with the romeria on Sunday, 16 October, a traditional procession of the virgin’s statue with the famous carts pulled by oxen along Calle Grande, and dancers, music, food, and many other cultural touches beingrounded off by the traditional fireworks and entertainment.

Scientists and authorities combine to reassure public about seismic cluster
The Instituto Geográfico Nacional for its part has concluded that the “micro-tremors” are of a volcanic nature, and that although their exact cause is unknown, their behaviour is within the range of “normal” for an active volcano.
- Tenerife slams 'irresponsible panic' amid Teide volcano eruption fears
- Don't panic: Tenerife insists volcano ISN'T about to erupt
- Tenerife volcano scare stories lambasted

Tipping? It’s such a poor habit in Spain
A survey carried out in August about Spain’s hospitality sector shows that nearly three-quarters of customers tip less than 5% of the bill, while just 3% express their gratitude for the service with tips of between 10% and 20%.

Two sides of the music scene on Tenerife
Over the years we’ve seen countless excellent Canarian bands and singers. But, despite their talent, their names are unlikely to ever appear on the list of nominees for the Tenerife Entertainment Awards as those are aimed at acts on the cabaret circuit rather than the island wide live music scene.

British Government unveils plans to give expats lifelong right to vote in UK elections
The British Government has published detailed plans on how it will deliver its commitment to return the right to vote in parliamentary elections to all expats. To what will be inevitable criticism that it comes too late to those who wished to vote against Brexit ...

Responsible whale and dolphin watching with the Blue Boat flag
When booking an excursion, Turismo says, look for boats bearing the “Blue Boat” flag.

All Ship Shape In Santa Cruz
Any excuse and I’m off to Santa Cruz, there’s so much going on, that was definitely the case as I called in for two big events and still ended up gazing at the ebb andd flow of the ships at the port. My first visit was for the Seatrade Cruise Med trade show at the Recinto Ferial, with 153 stalls and some interesting forums there was plenty for me to dive into.

Wine-growers hit by a harvest nightmare
WE have heard a few stories recently about the problems at Tenerife’s vineyards. And now, it seems, the full extent of their troubles are worse than first thought. The Island’s official regulator has confirmed that 2016 is now expected to be one of the worst harvests in years.

Arona beaches back to their best
As Arona’s mayor Mena promised, the municipality’s beaches have been treated as a priority, and not only have they recovered their precious Blue Flags, playa de Las Vistas has now also regained Aenor’s Universal Accessibility Certificate, a distinction that the council says guarantees equal opportunities for the use and enjoyment of the beach.

Christmas programmes 2016-2017
And the prize for this year’s first Christmas announcement goes to … the Magma Centre, which has announced that there will be a Christmas ice rink throughout November, December and January.

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