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Friday, November 04, 2016

Hot chestnuts are on the go and other stories

Chestnuts in the El Palmar Valley. We won't reveal the exact location!

Hot chestnuts are on the go
ORGANISED gangs are stealing chestnuts in Arafo in the north-east of Tenerife. The tasty treats, now in season, are brimming over in baskets on supermarket shelves all over the Island. It seems that some people prefer to do their shopping out of hours, because police patrols have stopped several gangs near Arafo, and confiscated 40 kilos of the little brown nuts.

Third Maratón Internacional Santa Cruz de Tenerife 6 November
Just a reminder, though runners won’t need it, that this weekend sees the Santa Cruz marathon. Thousands will turn out to watch it, and knowing a couple of the runners taking part, I wish them all the very best of luck!

Eating good food on a budget on Tenerife
Many people who don’t know the island well still scoff at the suggestion Tenerife is an ideal destination for travellers who enjoy immersing themselves in local gastronomy. There is a massive culture of dining out in Tenerife, an island where the average wage is very low compared to the likes of Britain and Germany. What that means is that in order to keep that culture of eating out thriving, the cost of dining out is low. And what that also means is visitors can enjoy quality food at remarkably low prices.

Autumnal Tenerife – November is chestnut month
Just as in the UK it’s conker time, November in Tenerife is a cosy and autumnal month with chestnuts roasting over many a live coal in braziers in the streets. The reason is a series of fairs in honour of San Andrés, the saint whose namesake St Andrew’s feast day in Scotland is on 30 November. Here in Tenerife, though, it’s celebrated on the 29th, though the fairs can take place several days either side of this.

Window on the universe
Tenerife has 280-300 clear days a year, and early star-gazers became aware of this and flocked to the Island. Today, they would be staggered to see the mammoth, high-tech, internationally-consulted telescopes adorning the Teide Observatory site at Izana.

Looking at Tenerife online travel advice
Tripadvisor reviews can be incredibly useful or they can be misleading. If you know how to decipher reviews, they tell you a lot. Tripadvisor’s forums are similar. There’s good advice and there’s bad advice. Other travel forums, including Lonely Planet’s, are no different.

Costa Adeje improvements include El Beril beach renovations
Adeje Ayuntamiento has announced that up to €2m is to be spent on works to improve the swimming zone along the strand that flanks El Duque beach by the Hotel Bahía del Duque. El Beril beach will also get a facelift as part of the plan, given its location in part of the tourist zone that continues to grow in popularity.

Borealis Aurora here in Tenerife
Fifty years ago, Sanchez – also the first professor of Astrophysics in Spain – saw a light from El Teide which, he first believed, was  his research equipment breaking down. In fact, to his astonishment, it was a Borealis Aurora.

Taking a peek at our walking routes in Teide National Park
The ultimate Tenerife walking route is to climb to its peak 3718m above sea level. Best of all is to reach it just in time to witness sunrise break across the archipelago. That is a quite special travel moment.

Adeje Farmers Market – change in Wednesday opening hours
Adeje Ayuntamiento has announced that from Wednesday, 2 November, Adeje Farmers Market will operate new Wednesday hours and open from 3pm to 7pm.  The change, with full agreement of all the produce suppliers in the market, has been made to better meet the demands of the buying public.

Adeje’s Degusta.me annual foodies’ month
It’s a regular November event now, and Adeje’s eighth Degusta.me starts this Wednesday, 2 November, and will run until Sunday, 27 November, almost a whole month for the area’s foodies to enjoy some traditional foods and wines, savouring all the local tastes, aromas and sights in a range of demonstrations, presentations, markets, workshops, tapas offers, and much more. 

Tenerife declares anti-migrant PEGIDA founder persona non grata
"Those who don't love Germany should leave Germany," PEGIDA co-founder Lutz Bachmann once said. Now, one month after moving to Tenerife, local officials have told him he is not welcome.

“Wine to port” at Las Galletas’ Marina del Sur 12 November
The Tenerife Cabildo has announced a wine fiesta – Vino a Babor (wine to the port side) – on Saturday, 12 November in the Marina del Sur in Las Galletas. There will be Abona wines, tapas, music, cooking demonstrations, and much more, for all the family between 12 midday and 10pm. This is the first event of this kind in a Tenerife sporting harbour, and the authorities are sure it won’t be the last. Hopefully there’ll be a great turnout to encourage them to hold it again next year. Entry is free.

Bare facts, about a nudist eaterie!
Your minds (and pulses) will no doubt be racing already as obvious questions pop up. Where do you keep your small change? What about crumbs? Is unfolding a napkin seen as casual dressing? If the Tenerife experience matches the London success, it could lead to burgers in the buff, potatoes without jackets … and some very perky puddings!

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