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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Police intervene in the auction for carnival kiosks in Santa Cruz

Temporary food stall selling street food at carnival in Puerto de la Cruz

Local police in Santa Cruz de Tenerife had to intervene in the auction for carnival kiosk pitches that took place yesterday, due to tension and clashes between some of the businessmen.

The fiesta organisers decided to eject and exclude one of them from bidding for altercation, despite them having already won two pitches (one for potatoes and one for turron), because he became aggressive towards one of the other bidders for those same pitches.

It has been years since there has been an auction as tense and competitive as that celebrated yesterday in the Salón de Actos de Cajasiete, where the interests of various businesses in obtaining the most profitable pitches, by their location, was more than demonstrated.

In the end, the fiestas authority managed to auction off 41 of the 62 pitches, raising €161,000, which is an increase of close to €12,700 on last year. Twenty-one pitches did not sell, one less than in 2017.

In total, 64 temporary carnival kiosks, selling various articles, food and drink, will be installed around Santa Cruz; the 41 auctioned yesterday, plus 23 that the fiestas organisation have reserved for commercial agreements with big brands.

In some cases the pitch prices have tripled, as occurred with a mobile hot dog vendor in Calle de La Marina, where the starting price was €729 and €2,479 was paid following bids by several businesses interested in this pitch. The same happened with a potato vendor in the Calle Valentín Sanz, where the starting price was €729 and €2,042 was eventually paid. Also highlighted is the case of a large food stall in the Plaza de la Candelaria where almost €30,000 was paid, while the starting price was €17,584. For some years no interest was shown in these large food stalls, as they are the most expensive. On this occasion, they have auctioned two of them.

The areas of carnival where the most kiosks will be located, that is to say those in which the auction bidders showed most interest, are in the Calle Valentín Sanz, Plaza del Chicharro, Plaza del Príncipe, Villalba Hervás, Plaza de España and Méndez Núñez, where two new spots - food trucks - have been created, for which €4,269 and €5,473 were paid.

The areas that have not attracted bidders are the Calle La Marina and the Avenidas Marítima and Anaga, where this year staging is being erected for the various performances.

This year for the first time, businesses had to register before being able to participate in the auction, which was attended by more than one hundred people. Some left with their hands in their pockets, angry, while others celebrated that they had obtained the pitches they wanted.

The kiosk pitches that were finally auctioned will be open to the public during carnival, from the 9th to 18th February. There will be all manner including; churros, large food stalls, beer stalls, hot dog and hamburger vendors, fancy dress articles and baked potatoes.

La Policía de Santa Cruz interviene en la subasta de los quioscos del Carnaval por enfrentamientos entre empresarios

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