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Friday, February 09, 2018

Los Gigantes Carnival Programme 2018

Los Gigantes Carnival Programme 2018

DUE TO BAD WEATHER events were suspended by the organisers and the carnival programme in Los Gigantes had to be revised. Details of the new dates and events.

Confirmation of the dates of Carnival in Los Gigantes in 2018, which runs from Friday, 23 February to Sunday, 4 March, as you will see from the Carnival Programme above.

Friday, 23 February
9pm Grand Gala for the election of the Adult Carnival Queen with performance by Comparsa Los Joroperos and singer, Jadel.  
11pm Carnival Dance with Orchestra Maquinaria Band.

Saturday, 24 February
10:30am Batucadas around the hotel complexes. (Don't expect a long lie-in!)
11am Junior Cross.
5:30pm Gala Election of the Junior Carnival Queen with the participation of local coreographic groups and magic show.
11pm Carnival dance with Orchestras Tropin and Sabrosa, during which the winners of the costume contest will be announced.

Sunday, 25 February
5pm Grand Carnival Parade with the participation of all the carnival groups; comparsas, floats with the carnival queens and her maids of honour, etc. Upon the procession's arrival in the square, dancing to the Orchestra Guaracha.

Monday, 26 February
Exhibition of carnival costumes in the Plaza Buganvilla in Los Gigantes.

Tuesday, 27 February
Exhibition of carnival costumes in the Plaza Buganvilla in Los Gigantes.

Wednesday, 28 February
4:30pm Carnival afternoon with bouncy castles, workshops and musical performances for young children.

Thursday, 1 March
9:30pm Drag Queen Gala-Exhibition followed by concert by group "Ni Un Pelo de Tontos".

Friday, 2 March
7pm Velatorio - a traditional meeting or celebration of the relatives and friends of a deceased person in the hours following his death, and before the burial or cremation of the corpse - for the Sardine with musical performances.
9pm Burial (actually, it will be a cremation) of the Sardine, followed by a fireworks display.
Midnight Widows' Ball with Orchestras Arguayo Band and Maraury.

Saturday, 3 March
Daytime Carnival in Los Gigantes 2018
12pm Inauguration of the Daytime Carnival with the batucada.
12pm - 2pm Kids' activities with bouncy castles and workshops.
12:30pm Performance by DJ Latino.
2pm Performance by group Clave de Son.
2:30pm Virginia Guantanamera with a tribute to Celia Cruz.
6pm Groupo LD.
7:30pm Edwin Rivera.
8:30pm Groupo LD.
10pm DJ Ray Castellano
Midnight Finale of Daytime Carnival

Sunday, 4 March
8pm Mister Global Spain Gala

Via: Carnaval Los Gigantes FOTOS JESÚS Ferrer Suárez

All events are liable to change beyond our control.