Friday, October 12, 2018

Romería de Adeje

In what is the last of this type of traditional fiesta for this year, the town and municipality of Adeje celebrates its annual Romería de Adeje this Sunday, 14 October 2018.

In the pilgrimage of Adeje there are romeros and romeras of all ages dressed in the traditional costumes of each of the towns of Tenerife and the Archipelago; ribbon dancers from El Hierro, shepherds with their dogs, goats and sheep, the traditional carts pulled by oxen, riders and vehicles decorated with rural motives that give this occasion an authentic and individual flavor. From the early hours of the morning, visitors and participants can enjoy the Cattle Fair. Around 11 o'clock in the morning, participants and the curious come to the Church of Santa Úrsula to attend the traditional Misa Romera. The procession then leaves from the Plaza del Cerco, along the Calle Grande arriving at the Church of Santa Úrsula, where floral, fruit and vegetable offerings are made and delivered to the most needy families of the municipality. This act will feature musical and artistic performances.

It is a very participative day and one that is always lived with great joy and hospitality.

Romería Adeje 2017