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Friday, January 25, 2019

Gran Puchero in La Florida

On Sunday 27 January 2019 (from 2pm) the Romería de La Florida the Pilgrimage in Honor of Saint Anthony the Abbot and Our Lady of the Virgin of Hope in La Florida, La Orotava takes place, but these fiestas in La Florida are famous also for their Gran Puchero, (Big Stew) which this year, is being served on Saturday 26 January 2019

Last year, more than 60 huge stainless steel cauldrons were used to heat the largest puchero in the Canary Islands. For this gastronomic celebration; 80 kilos of of chickpeas, 500 kilos of bacon and ribs, 600 kilos of cabbages, 1,000 chayote and 110 chickens were needed, among other ingredients. More than 7,000 people attended.

Also on Saturday, from 10am is the annual Cattle Fair.

(For those of you with somewhat more modest requirements, here is a recipe for Puchero Canario (Canarian Stew) that you can make at home.)

Gran Puchero Tradicional de La Florida 2018

TITSA lay on extra buses

As is often the case when major fiestas take place, bus company TITSA are laying on extra busses on their routes 345 and 373 from Puerto de la Cruz and La Orotava, respectively, on 26 and 27 January so that people can get to the fiestas by public transport.