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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Program for Los Cristianos Carnival 2019

As has been reported previously, along with a short list of the main events, Los Cristianos Carnival this year will be taking place from 21 March to 1 April. Arona town hall have now published the following list, which provides a few more details. We'll add more information on locations and times if we can, when they become available.

  • 21 March - Presentation of the candidates for Carnival Queen
  • 22 March - Comparsas Contest
  • 23 March - Opening Parade and WIG PARTY
  • 24 March - Carnaval Concert, Carnival Procession and Murga Groups
  • 25 March - Correographed Dance Groups Festival 
  • 26 March - Gala for the Election of the Senior Carnival Queen 
  • 27 March - Gala for the Election of the Junior Carnival Queen 
  • 28 March - Gala for the Election of the Carnival Queen
  • 29 March - OAP's Carnival Dance and Drag Queen Gala
  • 30 March - Daytime Carnival, Costume Contest, 7th Carnival Beach Run
  • 31 March - Pets' Costume Contest, Carnival Main Parade
  • 01 April - Burial of the Sardine

Carnaval Internacional de Los Cristianos Arona 2019