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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Tenerife is the favourite destination to celebrate Saint Valentine's Day alone

Carnations are gaining ground on roses for St. Valentine's

In recent years, Tenerife has become the principal destination to celebrate the Día del Soltero* (Day of the Bachelor / Single's Day), according to eDreams who utilised the traditional celebration of Valentine's Day to analyze the trends of lone travelers.

In 2017 the favorite destinations of the Spanish to escape solo were capitals such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​London, Paris or Berlin. However, during 2018, Tenerife became the main protagonist to celebrate the Día del Soltero, followed by Madrid, Barcelona, ​​London and Paris. Tenerife is the destination that reflected the most significant growth in interest from solo travelers, compared to the previous year, with an increase of 146%.

Other cities where singles choose to celebrate their singleness are La Havana (up 50%), Dublin (increase of 41%), Bogota (34% more) and Lisbon (32% increase).

Regarding travel as a couple, the tourist epicenters of love in 2017 were located in Madrid, Paris, London, Rome and Barcelona. In 2018 Paris regained its label of 'capital of love', followed by others such as London, Rome, Madrid and Barcelona.

Tenerife es el favorito para celebrar San Valentín en solitario

Día del Soltero is celebrated on 13th14th or 15th February, depending on which report you read!

Valentine's Day in Spain

In Spain, Día de San Valentín (St. Valentine's Day) began to be celebrated in the middle of the 20th century, with the purpose of encouraging the purchase of gifts. Really? :) It is said that this festival was introduced by the store chain Galerías Preciados.

The best restaurants to celebrate St. Valentine's in Santa Cruz de Tenerife: Tables with candles, secluded corners, dishes to share, flying angels, violinists on the roof ... This Valentine's Day the most romantic restaurants in the city await you to feed your love ...
Los mejores restaurantes para celebrar San Valentín en Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Apparently, carnations are beginning to gain ground over roses, as they are cheaper than roses, especially red roses, whose price shoots up on Valentine's Day.