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Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Ash Wednesday and the Burial of the Sardine

The unfortunate sardine on its way to its cremation

Wednesday March 6 2019, Ash Wednesday, is when the funerals for the sardines are held in both Santa Cruz de Tenerife (as in the video) and in Puerto de la Cruz. It signifies the end of the carnival frivolities (except they go on to the following weekend) and the beginning of lent. Prepare yourself for a raucous, blasphemous night of it.

Watch the video below to get some idea of what to expect.

Esto es lo que te espera en el CARNAVAL DE TENERIFE 2018

Events begin at around 10pm when the parody funeral cortège with thousands of people dressed as widows and mourners escorted by the 'respectable' members of the church, leaves from the Calle Juan Pablo II, continues past the Plaza Weyler and proceeds along Méndez Núñez, El Pilar, Villalba Hervás and La Marina, to end up in the Plaza de España with the cremation of the sardine in the Avenida Francisco La Roche (Anaga).

Entierro de la Sardina @ Carnaval S/C De Tenerife 2018

All events are liable to change beyond our control.