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Monday, March 11, 2019

Mobile phone thefts at Santa Cruz Carnival

A smartphone at a concert (stock image)

One night during carnival, a female police officer called me over to warn me about mobile phone thefts, where thieves were just snatching phones out of people's hands. Actually, I had my phone attached to a selfie stick (fully retracted) and held close to my body, not to take selfies, but to secure the phone for this very reason and make it easier for me to keep hold of it, but clearly the officer didn't think this was an adequate security measure.

National Police arrested a couple, a man and a woman of 29 and 25 years of age respectively, as alleged perpetrators of theft, assault of police officers and resisting arrest during the celebration of the carnival. The two young people were caught by the agents with nine high-end smartphones, two of which had been stolen immediately prior.

The plain clothes officers observed the couple approaching groups of people they didn't seem to know during the night, followed the pair and, after identifying themselves, attempted to carry out a stop and search. At that, the young man hit the cops, causing them to fall to the ground, then took flight. After finally being intercepted, a superficial search of their personal effects was carried out, with the nine smartphones discovered on them.

National Police have returned of two of the mobile phones to their legitimate owners.

In another report, agents of the Civil Guard at Tenerife North Airport have arrested a 22-year-old youth, resident of Castellón, alleged of the theft of mobile phones.

The defendant was intercepted by the agents when he was about to pass through airport security to take a flight to the peninsula, with hand luggage, inside which 38 mobile phones of different makes and models were concealed, many of which were still switched on.

The perpetrator acknowledged that he had stolen them during Carnival in Santa Cruz.

All have been charged and handed over to the relevant courts.

Sadly inevitable that there will be some crime at an event as big as carnival - and one tries to be suitably aware. However, given the numbers and size of the crowds, it's frankly comforting that two reports of such relatively minor incidence make news.

Image by Pexels on Pixabay