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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

May Fiestas and Fireworks in Los Realejos

May 3rdDía de la Cruz – Day of the Cross, is celebrated throughout Tenerife with the biggest fiestas taking place in Santa Cruz and Los Realejos. For certain though, "the biggest bang for your buck" will be the fireworks battle in Los Realejos, held on the night of May 3rd. Battle has been fought between the streets of El Sol and El Medio since around 1770 and today this translates to a firework display - one of the largest in Europe - that uses several tonnes of gunpowder as one side tries to outdo the other.  

The aforementioned commemoration of Crosses and Fireworks on May 3 stand out again in the festive program in Los Realejos in 2019; there is also the traditional local and regional wine contest on the 10th and 11th and the Handicraft Fair on the 11th and 12th. On Saturday the Romera Mayor will take place on the Viera and Clavijo square. The following day the Canarian festival will be celebrated, while the Romería Chica will be on May 15 and the Baile de Magos (Country Ball) on Saturday 18.

On June 1st the Cattle Fair will be held during the morning and midday and the XLIV Festival of the Islands takes place in the evening, with the presence of groups from the 8 islands of the archipelago. The Romería (pilgrimage) will be on June 2 and the Baile de Magos Infantil on June 4, will close the celebrations of 2019.

Exhibición pirotécnica Cruces y Fuegos de Mayo de Los Realejos