Tuesday, December 17, 2019

What will be the winning number of the Christmas Lottery on Sunday?

Lottery winners in a past year

The final countdown to the celebration of this year's Spanish Christmas Lottery, El Gordo (The Fat One), has begun. On December 22, the Teatro Real de Madrid will host the draw, which gives thousands of Spaniards the greatest hope.

Knowing the exact number that will win the 'Fat' prize is a matter for magicians and fortune tellers, but there are many who ask the question 'what number will be awarded in the Lottery?' It's one of the most searched terms on Google during the month of December.

Logically it is impossible to know, but if we look at the statistics and at previous draws, we can determine which numbers are more likely to win prizes. We can see which numbers have had the most luck with the ‘Gordo’ throughout the history of the Lottery draw. With this, [perhaps] we can rule out those that have never or rarely been awarded.

Winning Lottery number in 2016
It's usual to avoid the so-called ugly numbers and focus on those considered pretty. Tickets ending in 5 tend to be preferred, while 13, because of bad luck, was usually the least popular. However, the ‘Gordo’ of 2016 ended up in this figure and therefore, since then has been one of the most demanded.

It's logical that the number 5 is preferred, as this is the figure in which the 'Gordo' has terminated the most times: a total of 32.

The numbers 4 and 6, have taken the first prize 27 times each.

Among the rarer ones, the number 1 has only been the last number of the Gordo ticket on eight occasions. In turn, the 2, has been the ending in thirteen editions of the draw; and the number 9, which has been in 16, is also considered not very "reliable" in the Lottery draw.

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