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Friday, February 21, 2020

Carnival in La Orotava 2020

Poster for La Orotava Carnival 2020

Carnival will turn the town of La Orotava into 'La Villa de la Fantasia' (Fantasyland) in 2020. The town's carnival runs from Friday 21 February to Sunday 1 March and has a long and varied program of events (download PDF).

Friday 21

- Great children's parade that will depart from the Plaza del Quinto Centenario towards the Plaza Franchy Alfaro, crossing the streets Cantos Canarios, Calvario, San Agustín and will continue through Tomás Zerolo, the Estévez Sculptor Career Bridge to head again through Calvario to the Plaza Franchy Alfaro.

- 9:00 PM: Election Gala of the Carnival Queen and Maids of Honour of Carnival 2020. Show presented by the journalist Fran Peraza will feature performance by Sandra del Castillo and of all of the Orotava carnival groups: the Murgas Virgueritos, Pizzicatos, Hasty, Trinkos and Minivirgues; the Fanfarria Orotava Peña el Casco; Los Villeros and Rondalla Volcanes del Teide.

Saturday 22

- Between 12:00 and 22:00: Plaza del Ayuntamiento and Calle Carrera Escultor Estévez the Carnival of solidarity with the XIII Solidarity Pizzicatos, the IV Solidarity Exhibition and the V Carnavalera Race, with the benefits of the event being allocated to the Foundation Pichón Trail and Actay´s.

Sunday 23: Carnival in the street

- Exhibition of old photographs about the carnival in the Plaza de la Constitución.

- 11:00: Children's carnival with multiple activities such as costume contest, performances, disco, workshops, children's show, games, bouncy castles, gastronomic workshops, face painting, educational workshop on the importance of the Orotava carnival and others. There will be performances by the children's troupe Los Villeros and the murga Minivirgues.

- 16:30: From the Plaza del V Centenario, the parade of the carnival groups will depart in the direction of the Town Hall Square, crossing the streets Cantos Canarias, Calvario, San Agustín, Plaza de La Constitución, Tomás Zerolo and Carrera Escultor Estevez. Once the parade is finished, various performances will begin in the two main stages located in both places. So you can enjoy the performances of all groups of the Orotava carnival, as well as the musician Elicio and Mingo Show. The closing of the day will be in the Town Hall Square itself with the joint performance of the 101 Brass band and Arístides Moreno.

Monday 24: 'Do you know me mask?'

- 7:00 pm ‘Carnavalera Gastronomy’ will be held in the Plaza de la Constitución. In the same place and at the same time will begin the contest of masks for the whole family, both children, youth and adults. Then, at 8:00 p.m., the Parody Festival will take place and this carnival Monday will end with the "Masquerade Dance", starting at nine o'clock at night.

Tuesday 25: Apotheosis Tuesday

- Paseo del Valle of Vintage Cars and performance of the Fanota Orotava Peña el Casco.

- 17:00: From the Cruz del Teide, the Great Cosmic Apotheosis of the Carnival (Main Parade) will start with the participation of various groups of the island of Tenerife. The route will be the usual route through the Cruz del Teide area, Salazar streets, San Francisco, Estévez Sculptor and Calvario, until culminating in Plaza la Paz.

- 19:30: A great dance will take place in the Plaza de la Constitución enlivened by Orchestra Sabrosa.

Wednesday 26: grieving Wednesday

- 19:30: Crispín's duel and subsequent burial and burning [Ed: think that counts as belt and braces]. the funeral procession will depart from the Town Hall Square towards the Plaza del V Centenario where the burning will take place, and a concert by Salvapantallas.

Friday 28: Carnival Festival

- 19:15: Parade of the carnival groups that will depart from the Plaza de Candelaria del Lomo to the Plaza de San Juan Bautista where, at 22:00 hours, the Carnival Festival will be held.

Saturday 29: Pinata Dance

Piñata dance in the Plaza de San Juan Bautista, with the performances by Miguel Lorenzo and the Dinacord orchestras and the Banda Loca.

Sunday 1

- Festival of Rondallas of the Carnival. In the Cultural Society Liceo de Taoro.

Programa de actos del Carnaval de La Orotava 2020