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Saturday, February 22, 2020

Rhythm and Harmony Comparsas Contest

Ritmo y Armonía dentro del CarnavalSC19

On Saturday, 22 February 2020, starting at 9 pm, is the Ritmo y Armonía (Rhythm and Harmony) contest of the Comparsa Groups. This spectacular event also includes the Carnival Queen and her court and takes place along the Avenida Francisco la Roche, although this year, will take place in the opposite direction, starting from the Cabildo and travelling north. The first 500 meters, which makes sense as this will be in front of the paid seats, will allow space for the performance of their routines for the contest element, while further up, they will just parade. The other reason for the change is to have the Palacio Insular, the Plaza de España and the city skyline as a more attractive backdrop during the television broadcasts of the event. This direction only applies to this one evening.

Tropicana, Los Rumberos, Danzarines Canarios, Bahía Bahitiare, Los Cariocas, Los Tabajares and Los Joroperos are the seven comparsas that will take part in tonight's Ritmo y Armonía (Rhythm & Harmony) contest on the Avenida de Anaga in Santa Cruz de Tenerife from around 9 pm. The contest will also count on the presence of the Carnival Queen, Sara Cruz Teja, and her court of four Maids of Honour, as well as others of the contestants who took part in last Wednesday's gala. If you aren't going to Santa Cruz in person, Televisión Canaria will be broadcasting the contest from 9:15 pm and you should be able to watch it live via the CarnavalTVC Youtube channel.

Ritmo y Armonía | Carnaval S/C Tenerife 2019