Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Shrove Tuesday Carnival Main Parade

At the Coso Apoteosis (Carnival Main Parade) 2019

Today, Shrove Tuesday / Carnival Tuesday, 25 February 2020, the event that this has all been building up to, the Coso Apoteosis (Carnival Main Parade), is going ahead this afternoon and will bring carnival rhythm to the Avenida Francisco la Roche and Marítima from 4 pm. The parade will include the carnival groups; rondallas, comparsas, murgas, etc., and will allow attendees to enjoy the costumes of the three Carnival Queens of 2020. Organisers will remain vigilant, continually assessing the weather and safety conditions in case it's necessary to take any protective measures.

Floats heralding the approaching parade on Tuesday 5 March 2019

The parade will begin with the winning floats from the contest held during the Opening Parade last Friday. They will be joined by the three classified in the decorated car contest. From there the multi-colored snake will be headed by the popular Afilarmónica Nifú Nifá and then give way to a parade that has become one of the island's big tourist claims. The City Council of the capital of Tenerife will install a total of 7,500 chairs along the route for the audience. In addition, it can be followed live through RTV Canaria.

More photos from the Coso Apoteosis del carnaval 2019