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Friday, March 20, 2020

Citizen Care Network in Santa Cruz

Twin towers in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The tourists may soon all be gone, but that still leaves many residents and semi-residents, particularly older people, who may need help and, it's also nice to see the good that's coming out of this dreadful and frightening situation.

In Santa Cruz a Citizen Care Network has been created for residents. The platform, created through Facebook, offers its help to people from risk groups to buy food or medicine.

As has already happened in other municipalities such as La Laguna, in Santa Cruz the Citizen Care Network has been created by anonymous neighbors who, concerned about how the state of alarm could affect the most vulnerable people, especially those in groups at risk or with reduced mobility, are providing free assistance to these people. "We are organizing a neighborhood support network that can meet the most basic needs (shopping, going to the pharmacy, taking out the garbage, walking the dog, etc.) to those who need it," they explained in the presentation. They clarify that, at all times, they will act without profit and with the hygiene and safety measures dictated by the health authorities.

Those people who need the help of this network can contact their members through the Facebook page itself, by email (redcuidadossantacruz@gmail.com) or one of the following numbers: 631 359 557/609 313 484 / 660 950 503/628 736 918. 

They also invite as many people who are not within the risk groups and want to join this help initiative to get in touch through the WhatsApp group: https://bit.ly/2IUKpyP.

Image by Dušan Smetana from Pixabay