Thursday, March 05, 2020

Cleaning up after Santa Cruz Carnival

Cleaning up after Santa Cruz Carnival

It's always interesting (well, to me anyway) to look back at the numbers at the end of carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife each year and this year is no different.

The city's [frankly heroic] special cleaning service collected 375,845 kilos of waste during the Carnival 2020 campaign (quite a reduction from the 444.700 kilos collected in 2019). The 87 workers who formed the special cleaning operation (an increase of 15%) also collected 27,440 kilos of plastic containers for recycling. Again, considerably less than the 36,700 kilos collected in 2019, which may be as a result of the use of more reusable containers. A total of 3,679,420 liters of water (potable and purified) have been used for the cleaning and 3,115 liters of cleaning products, deodorizers and disinfectants.

The Red Cross 'Carnival Hospital', this year has attended to 686 people, just five more than the previous year's 681. Of the total, 574 were adults and 112 minors, almost 20 less youngters than last year. Some 46 percent (318 cases) needed help due to excessive alcohol consumption; 14 percent due to trauma and falls (93 cases); nine percent for poisonings derived from narcotic substances (59 cases); and seven percent due to injuries related to some type of aggression (47 cases), including three with knife wounds.

Yes, zero would be great, but on balance, given the numbers of people, still a pretty good and safe record. In police matters it has been similar to that of other editions.

As last year, there were around 1,500 police and security for the carnival events. The National Police's «Operation Elvis», designed to ensure safety during the activities of Carnival 2020, processed more than 500 police declarations, with 31 arrested for different reasons, among others; one for sexual assault, three for drug trafficking and three for robberies with violence. There were also 341 minor infractions; for possession and consumption of drugs on public roads (321), for possession of prohibited weapons (9) and transfers to the Police Station for identification, because they are undocumented (8).

There were more or less the same numbers of carnival attendees as last year, certainly for the concerts by Tonny Tun Tun and Carlos Vives on the climactic final Saturday, when the carnival organisers estimated attendance was around 450,000 - actually a 50,000 increase on the record breaking 400,000 for the equivalent event in 2019.

The Carnival Museum has seen record numbers of visitors in the first two months of 2020.