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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Goodbye tourists: Health Department orders the closure of all hotels and tourist accommodation in the country

Playa de las Américas in normal times

The Ministry of Health has ordered the suspension of activity of all hotels and tourist accommodation, campsites and caravan parks located anywhere in Spanish territory "until the end of the state of alarm" to contain COVID-19.

With this order signed yesterday, March 17, and which came into force the same day, the Minister of Health, Salvador Lila i Roca, makes 'zero tourists' effective in Spain.

This suspension of activity, as detailed in the document, “will take place at the moment in which the establishment no longer has clients to attend to, and in any case, within seven calendar days from the entry into force of this standard ”.

As the only exception, tourist establishments are allowed to open to the public “that house clients who, at the time of declaration of the state of alarm, are staying in a stable and seasonal manner, provided that its occupants have the infrastructures, in their own residential spaces, to carry out the activities of first necessity in the terms established by Royal Decree 463/2020, of March 14, for managing the health crisis situation”.

The justification for this decision is that the concentration of people in tourist accommodation that must share certain common spaces, "implies an increased risk of contagion.” These measures "will last until the end of the declaration of the state of alarm and its possible extensions," the ministerial order details.

The resolution clarifies that exceptionally, "the provision of surveillance, security and maintenance services in these establishments is allowed".

Although this 'zero tourists' was unimaginable just a week ago, today it responds to the demands of numerous union, health and hotel management voices that considered it paradoxical and absurd that the resident population be confined to their homes and that, at the same time, the entry of tourists is allowed as well as the operation of tourist accommodation establishments.

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