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Friday, April 24, 2020

Celebrate the Romería en los balcones (Pilgrimage on the balconies) this Sunday

Romería on the balconies in Tegueste this Sunday

The Town Council in Tegueste is encouraging residents to dress up in traditional costume, decorate their balconies, terraces, roofs or windows and raise a glass to San Marcos Evangelista (St. Mark the Evangelist) this Sunday

Tegueste had planned to celebrate, this Sunday, April 26, the LII (52nd) edition of its traditional and emblematic Romería de San Marcos Evangelista. However, in March, the council decided to suspend the events planned for these festivities, in view of the fact that the confinement measures for the coronavirus would continue.

With a new date yet to be defined, the council has proposed a different celebration that they have called 'Pilgrimage on the balconies'. Thus, as reported through their Twitter account, the council encourages "all residents to decorate their balcony and dress up in traditional costume this Sunday, at 12.00, to celebrate this important event together."

We don't see why this needs to be restricted just to Tegueste, or Tenerife for that matter, so wherever you are, prepare your glass of wine and your favourite tapa, "and toast with everyone on your street" for the festivities of San Marcos Evangelista!

(You may wish to omit the floats and ox carts if space is limited!)

Tegueste se va este domingo de romería por los balcones

People enjoying the Romería de Tegueste in other times MOISÉS PÉREZ / CC BY-SA

Online Mass April 25

Likewise, the Consistory also reported that on Saturday, April 25, the traditional mass for San Marcos Evangelista will be broadcast live, starting at 12 noon, through the social networks of the Town Council, as well as on Canal Cuatro TV.

Romeria San Marcos Evangelista Tegueste Tenerife 2019